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"Memorialul Revoluţiei 16-22 Decembrie 1989" Association of Timişoara

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Children: 5 lei

Adults: 10 lei

Foto: 10 lei; Video: 25 lei


“Memorialul Revoluţiei” Association was established on April 26th 1990 to honour and keep alive the memory of the Martyr Heroes as well as to find out the truth about the events of December 1989. Our premises host a complex of monuments, several exhibition halls, one research centre and a publishing house.

One of the most important and long-awaited projects came to an end in October 2011 when “Memorialul Revoluţiei” Association has finally taken possession of our new premises: Wing M of the army barracks 1079 Timişoara consisting of one-storey building (with building footprint of 846 sqm, gross built area: 1626 sqm) including military lodging facility and the afferent land. The building located in Timişoara, Str. Oituz nr. 2/B is eligible for further restoration and rehabilitation works and fully satisfies the requirements prescribed for setting up a Memorial and a National Centre for Documentation, Research and Public Information on Romanian Revolution of December 1989. Since January 2012 all our efforts and almost all our resources have been focused on this objective which implies a series of plans, projects, manpower and of course, creativity.

The payments for the repair, consolidation and construction works have been made chiefly from the annual subsidies granted from the public budget via the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs as well as from donations and sponsorships. The Memorial has been officially declared a project of national interest under the Law no. 152/2000.


From 1990 to 1998, a Memorial Complex has been built in the Heroes Cemetery and other 12 monuments have been erected and placed in the most important areas of the city where the ferocious fights between the peaceful demonstrators and the repressive forces took place.


Exhibition areas

The exhibition areas welcome our visitors with several exhibitions that cover the events of December 1989 both at the national level (highlight the fights that took place in the main Romanian cities) and at the international level (the former communist countries in the Eastern Europe).

We provide guided tours that allow our visitors to see the monuments raised in Timişoara. The tourists are also given the chance to visit our exhibitions and watch the documentary films (with English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian and Serbian subtitles) we produced. The thematic guided tours are available in Romanian, English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian and Serbian languages


 Centru de cercetare

Research Center

In 2000 „Memorialul Revoluţiei” Association was legally declared a “Complex of National Interest” and as a consequence, in the very same year, the National Centre for Documentation, Research and Public Information on Romanian Revolution of December 1989 was established.

The official goal of this Centre is to become an operative information source on the events leading to the fall of the communist regime in Romania, aiming at the same time to outline and valorize the Romanian historical data and evidences with regard to the events that took place in 1989 in the Central and Southeast Europe. As these moments cannot be fully understood without knowing the entire structure of the communist system, the Centre also studies the communist period in Romania.

As a result of these complex documentation and research activities carried out within the Centre, by 2015, 29 books have been successfully brought out. It is worth mentioning here the successful publication of our biannual information and scientific bulletin “Memorial 1989”, now in its 17th issue.


Publishing House

In 2011 we set up our own Publishing House, the “Memorialul Revoluţiei 1989” Publishing House, where we bring out the results of our in-depth research and documentation work conducted within the centre: captivating books and our Association’s biannual information and scientific bulletin.

“Memorialul Revolutiei 1989” Association hosts:

  • several documentation and research halls;
  • an audio-video archiving room (oral history);
  • an archive for printed documents and newspapers;
  • exhibition halls;
  • a projection room for documentary film screenings;
  • a library
  • the Revolution Heroes’ Chapel.


Organisational chart of “Memorialul Revoluţiei 16-22 Decembrie 1989” Association of Timișoara 

General Assembly

Subscribing members

Honorary members

The General Assembly meets at least once a year and only the members who have fully paid their subscription are entitled to vote.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of seven members elected by the General Assembly.

The president and the two vice-presidents are elected by the seven members of the Board of Directors.

Members of the Board of Directors:

Orban Traian, Ph. D. – President

Bânciu Ioan – Vice-President

Rado Gino – Vice-President

Streian Virgiliu – Member

Ciobotaru Dan – Member

Luca Ștefan – Member

Hotopilă Vasile – Member